Ancient wonders
 Bolton's Egypt, Bolton Museum and Art Gallery

An impressive foray into the world of pharaohs, sphinxes and pyramids

Charleston, Sussex

The spirit of the Bloomsbury group is alive and well, but can this historic house attract a more diverse audience?

Endeavour Galleries, National Maritime Museum, London 

Engaging displays that cleverly integrate co-curated stories

Books: The British Museum: Storehouse of Civilisations, by James Hamilton

Rachel Souhami is unimpressed by this hackneyed and unoriginal book

Catalogue: Gainsborough and the Theatre

Nina Harrison Leins on giving this book a dramatic flourish

Digital reviews

We take a look at the latest museum websites, podcasts and apps

On my bookshelf: Lise Ward

Creating Great Visitor Experiences: A Guidebook for Museums, Parks, Zoos, Gardens and Libraries, by Stephanie Weaver